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LeavE the Hustle & Grind Behind.

Maybe you are sick and tired of being so … tired. You’ve been running in circles, pushing through exhaustion, and trying to make your brain work “their way” for way too long. You know it’s not working.

You wake up day after day with brain fog, wondering if there is ever going to be a day again when you’ll be able to think clearly. When you don’t need 3 coffees before lunch and when focusing on a task doesn’t take all the willpower & life force you can bring up for that day.

… deep inside you know: things gotta change. And they are changing right here and now.

Fuel Up


I know change is not comfortable and it is also not easy.
And what’s harder than that is staying in one place until life forces you into change. Those experiences are often the most painful ones (believe me – speaking from painful experience). 

The good news is that “all” it takes is one forward movement – because that causes momentum. And momentum is all you need to create change. To make things last, we are starting at the root: your thoughts, beliefs & behaviours. 

Monique Lindner
The TIME Method




This is for Uber-Busy Entrepreneurs & Business Owners who are mostly running their show solo or with a small freelance team.
A 6-month program to build rock-solid foundations, elevate your baseline & make this your ‘new normal’.

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This is for stressed & overwhelmed Entrepreneurs & Business Owners with small teams who are ready to grow – but have no capacity to do so. This 12-month program is here to cut the BS & get you and your team ready for the next level.

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A unique and powerful membership for (way too) busy entrepreneurs & business owners who are
ready to leave the hustle & grind behind – and step into a new reality of work-life integration!

Monique Lindner

“It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life/career in a long time”

Monique has helped me to dramatically maximize my efficiency. (…) She’s also helped me to prioritize my most important tasks, and to feel less anxious and stressed. 

STEFAN GEORGI (Copy Accelerator)

life LIVED full force …

I have not only “been there, done that, got the T-Shirt & Coffee Cup” in terms of burnout and recovery – but I have my fair share of experiences with doing things my own way. Why?

The short form is, that I was born with a few chronic health challenges, died of a cardiac arrest by age 19 (and was clinically dead for 25 seconds) & I am a wonder woman on the autism spectrum (which I discovered by age 33ish).

Along the way, I simply developed strong values I do not wish to compromise on.

In my work, that means, I have ‘one-size-fits-none’ solution to sell. In my life that means, I live out loud – and I am proud of both of that!

It's Me - Monique



Time is precious – Get your priorities straight

Time is precious – Get your priorities straight

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The power of decision making principles

The power of decision making principles

Before I left Germany to live a life on the road and work location-independently, I felt torn apart for a long time. My family, friends, and close colleagues would think I was happy and that I wanted to pursue a career in the agency that I chose to work for. Whenever...

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Monique Lindner
Monique Lindner

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