Overworking as a coping mechanism

The power of decision making principles

Before I left Germany to live a life on the road and work location-independently, I felt torn apart for a long time.

My family, friends, and close colleagues would think I was happy and that I wanted to pursue a career in the agency that I chose to work for. Whenever we had a conversation they would want to convince me of living a “traditional” lifestyle.

They also thought I was quite lucky with all the things I had:

  • My little city apartment
  • My yellow car
  • The money I made
  • The parties I danced at

… and so much more.

decision making principles

Shifting Priorities

Besides that this was no luck, but pure hard work to get me there, all these things were not really important to me. Instead, I tried to get as much time off from work as possible to travel as far away as I could.

I started feeling incredibly happy when I was traveling so I decided to do even more of it.

I totally shifted my priorities to save even more money to go on longer vacation and take more weekend trips too.

Among other effective decisions:

  • I stopped eating out
  • I stopped smoking
  • I stopped going out to bars or clubs with entry fees
  • I stopped buying coffee
  • I cooked my own lunches
  • I sold many of my furniture and other things

…and much more.

Insight Timer

My transformation

All these things enabled me to save up a lot of money to the point that I decided to take action and finally pursue a location independent life, traveling full-time.

As soon as I made this decision I could feel a massive change within me.

  • I was more relaxed
  • I was highly motivated even in a job I got bullied for 2 years
  • I was more focused than ever
  • My energy went through the roof even after I just had a burnout
  • My skin started to look fresher and healthier

There were so many more changes it was incredible.

decision making principles

My decision-making principles

I learned that making a decision is a powerful thing. So powerful that it can improve your life already by consciously making a decision that will take you a big step forward.

If you are at a crossroads in your life, then this is one simple thing you can do today.


Don’t know how?

Throw a coin.

Yep. Put an option on each side.

Throw it.

Wait for the coin to land and make the decision!

And the moment the coin lands and you see the result, you will realize which decision YOU wish the coin would make for you.

And that’s the decision you have to make for yourself and follow through!


The power of decision making principles
The power of decision making principles

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