how to know when your intuition is talking to you

How to know when your intuition is talking to you

Are you wondering how to know when your intuition is talking to you? Learning this will help you make the right decisions. Keep reading to learn more.

Your gut instinct: Your intuition talking to you

Your gut instinct. It is one of those feelings you never really trust, but it is always right. Always! Why?

Well scientists say it is because of our subconscious stores all kind of information, knowledge and experiences and connect these with each other in a tiny moment of a second when it comes to making a decision. And there it is, this inner voice, this feeling that tells us what to do. But because we don’t know where it comes from and why it knows what to do — we simply don’t trust it. We hesitate.

This moment of hesitation is often stronger than our gut instinct and so we decide to give it a thought.

We start doing these pro and contra lists, ask the guru app on our phone what to do, we throw dices, coins, or count the “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe” and hope to find a proper and logical answer to the decision we have to take. But we really should go for the one our intuition tells us the second we start to think about the question.

How I became a Scuba Diver Instructor after listening to my gut

I was always drawn to travel as much as possible. I would save every Euro I could, to go on a trip twice a year, when working in my full-time job in Germany.

But it was never really enough.

I know I had to change something, I just didn’t know what and how.

In late 2013 I went on another trip to Vietnam and Cambodia. As I was always travelling alone, the experiences I made were unique to me and I was sharing them with my friends while I was on the way. I can not point out what made this trip different, but it changed something in me.

This trip, in fact, challenged me a lot. I got robbed on the street, I got so sick that I couldn’t get up and passed out in my hotel room for 2 days, I got scammed and was treated extremely rudely by some market vendors. But I also met some awesome fellow traveller that I am still friends with, I saw amazing landscapes, got to know lovely locals, and received help from people I’d never expected it from. It was the ultimate trip full of confrontations and experiences that I would never forget.

On the plane home, I was listening to the same band that I was listening to on the trip.

I suddenly started crying, an hour before landing in Berlin. I couldn’t breathe anymore and I literally thought I gotta jump out and take the next flight back.

I realised I am going back to a life that I don’t want to live anymore. It wasn’t meant to be my life! So I had to take a decision:

Stay or Leave.

My mind instantly started telling me “You can’t just leave, you have all those things, your car you just bought last year, the flat with all your furniture, your friends and what about your job?!”

Then my gut instinct started screaming at me. It was so loud, I couldn’t hear anything else.

“Just go!”

My family and friends were more or less supportive: “You can’t just become Scuba Dive Instructor”, “You can’t leave your corporate life for good”, “What about all the securities Germany offers?”, “How do you want to survive with your chronic diseases, you need German health insurance at least!” — Screw it!

7 months later I had 2 suitcases packed, standing at the airport in Berlin and leaving my old life.

Bye, bye corporate.

Bye, bye materialism.

Bye, bye society’s expectations.

Hello, the life of my dreams.

I became a certified Scuba Dive Instructor within 8 months. I had never ever even snorkelled before.

I trusted my gut instinct and followed my intuition with this decision, and believe me, it was the one and only right decision.

Sometimes our intuition leads us along a way, we never thought of following. But it will be the right way for you to go and it will bring out the best in you. Always.

If you want to read more about my journey into freedom, click here.

how to know when your intuition is talking to you

How I learned the hard way to not listen to anyone but my intuition

After my studies, I applied over 300 times within my branch (not kidding, so much “fun”) and only got invitations to 2 job interviews.

One was so creepy I literally said “Thanks” and ran as fast as possible.

I got the job from the second interview.

While I was talking to my friend on the phone, she was super happy for me. I started to get nervous and cried on the phone (again, guess that’s a sign!). I told her that I think I shouldn’t take this job, it just doesn’t feel right (the gut was screaming loudly).

She said I should give it a try and I could always leave again. But it was a job and after all, I had no other offers. My family kinda said the same.

So I took this offer. And moved to the other side of Germany.


I am not saying they don’t try to help you or don’t want the best for you. But your gut instinct is just always right. Yes god damn always!

And if you consult your family or friends they might talk you into doubts and that could make you ignore your gut instinct. Don’t do that. Just don’t. Here is why:

I took this offer, and well, let’s just say it went wrong. All the way. So I moved 1000km all over Germany to move back just 4 months later. I was not only bullied by some villagers but also had other experiences I’d rather not mention here.

My gut knew it better. I should have trusted it.

how to know when your intuition is talking to you

How to know when your intuition is talking to you

We tend to not trust our gut nor our intuition because sometimes it leads us down a path that is full of insecurities, fear, new things, and uncomfortable situations.

Humans are not made for moving out of their comfort zones. Our minds are programmed to do anything that keeps us alive and is as easy as possible. Our brain tries to keep us safe no matter what.

And then there is society. This group of people that tends to put pressure on you, no matter what you do. 30, single and you don’t want kids? How dare you! A successful CEO and you wear pink? What the actual eff! You still play snake on your Nokia 3210 and never even came close to a Chanel bag? Holy eff, get out of here!

Society can be a bitch sometimes. Your mind knows this too and keeps you all fluffy and safe within your and society’s comfort zone.

Now, this is where you come in: You need to change this! Re-program your mind. How?

Well, whenever you need to take a decision, do not think about it but listen to that inner voice, your gut, that immediately jumps in with the answer about what to do. Then don’t hesitate and follow your gut instinct.

Don’t do a pro and contra lists.

Don’t sleep on it.

Don’t care what others say.

Listen to your inner-self. Because it knows you best and knows what is good for you.

Trust this process, even though the outcome of your inner voice’s decision is not what you hoped for.

Follow this path and you will see it only leads you to your best self!

With time passing you will see that you automatically listen to your inner voice.

You will not stop and hesitate anymore.

You will learn to trust yourself and listen to what your gut instinct will say.

It will take a while and you will need to put a lot of effort into this change. But it is definitely worth it.

Once you learn how to know if your intuition is talking to you, you will hear it all the time. Everywhere.

You will see, once you change your habit of how to make decisions, once you start trusting and listening to your gut instinct, your life will change for the better!

And who doesn’t want to improve their lifestyle a little more? One decision at a time.

How to know when your intuition is talking to you
How to know when your intuition is talking to you

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