how to master your energy

How to Master Your Energy

Have you ever consider learning how to master your energy? Meaning, how to regenerate and manage it? It is crucial to learn this for living a fulfilling life.

Personally, I have always been efficient with my time, even from a young age, due to being born with two chronic diseases that caused me constant pain. Although I did not realize it at the time, this early habit of maximizing my time was a key foundation for learning how to master my energy.

My life circumstances led me to start working at the age of 13. Despite the challenges and that I was working so much on top of school, I realized that I loved working. I was put in leadership positions from very early on because I didn’t mind taking responsibility and I say what I had to say.

I even developed this terrible pattern of using work as a coping mechanism, realizing that I was validated by my inner circle because of my work.

So I kept doing it. More and more.

Working nonstop since I was 13 led to two life-threatening episodes in my life.

You can read all about my full story here. But now we are gonna focus on all the things I learned during my journey, especially on how to master your energy by regenerating it and managing it to make the best use of it.

Living a Life a Day

A lot of people may find it a little morbid, but I believe it’s essential to get used to thinking about our mortality. In Bhutan, they have a philosophy that mandates imagining and envisioning our deaths – what will happen, who will live on without us, and the non-existence of our physical presence. The reason behind this is to cultivate gratitude, appreciation, and fulfillment.

Whenever my clients feel overwhelmed or stressed, I remind them that every step we take in life is one step closer to death. Time is the only non-renewable resource we have. While money can come and go, and energy is infinite – only that we do not know how to manage it properly – time will never return, and it’s crucial to contemplate this fact.

After experiencing an out-of-body event, I realized how important it is to appreciate life’s small moments. I share a concept with my clients and friends called “live a life a day,” where by the end of each day, I aim to be at least 85% content with what I have accomplished, how I presented myself, and how I felt. As entrepreneurs, we tend to focus on our goals, overlooking the journey’s significance. Therefore, it’s necessary to be reminded to cherish each day.

That being said, the question is not how to master your energy, but what do we value and prioritize in our lives. Where do we spend our time, energy, and money? We must evaluate whether we prioritize things or other aspects of our lives, such as relationships, connections, and creating experiences, as these are the things we will cherish most.

how to master your energy

How to regenerate and manage your energy

The first thing I do with clients is work on expectations, standards, and boundaries.

You must know what your standards are, and you can have as many high standards as you want. Those standards will seem high for people who are not meant to be around you. You will have to uphold those standards yourself. You cannot demand something from someone else if you cannot provide those standards too. This is where people get tangled up. It’s also a matter of integrity.

Expectations: You cannot expect something from other people if they don’t know what you are expecting. So, be really clear, communicate properly, and say what you expect from the other person.

Boundaries: It is one of the most important things for your energy to stay as high as possible. If you say yes to everyone and everything, you will say no to yourself every single time. Can you afford to say no to yourself? No, you can’t. You want to say yes to yourself as often as possible, and that means you will have to say no to other events, appointments, friends, etc. Be really discerning about whom you have in your circle, where and what you are listening to, or getting this fear from and how this influences you. If you feel that something or someone is threatening you, then distance yourself. Set the boundaries.

In addition, I like to work with the Chrono Energy type, which is a mix of your chronobiology, the natural 24-hour cycle of your body, and something I have developed. Over the years, I have observed a pattern among the different chronobiology types and certain energy waves that people live by every day. These patterns are different for each person. Some people wake up in the morning full of energy, then it crashes after lunch, and then it comes back again until the evening. Or some people cannot start the day without a coffee. If you can find your Chrono-Energy Type (and you can, by taking the free quiz here) and follow your natural energy waves, you can do activities that match your energy. If your energy is high, you can do high-effort activities, and if it is low, you can do low-maintenance activities. Then you can balance your energy much better, and you can maintain your energy much easier. This is a crucial foundation to be successful when it comes to how your master your energy.

Another important thing is to get clear on your core values. Find your top 3 core values, and then see where these are lacking in your life and business. When you are not acting with integrity with your core values, you need to start improving these areas. Prioritize the things that are really important to you, and be honest with yourself. Ask yourself, “Am I doing this because I love doing this, because I feel fulfilled, or would I do this if nobody looked or clapped for me? If it doesn’t give me money?” I’m not saying to cut out things that you do not really love, just notice them and put them on the money list. But if you want to prioritize, prioritize the things on the love list, and funnily enough, you will see an impact on the money too.

How to Master Your Energy

This blog post was created based on the below Podcast Episode hosted by Kaye Putnam

You can play it here below. Enjoy it.

How to Master Your Energy
How to Master Your Energy


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