A single consultation session for busy, overwhelmed or stressed entrepreneurs & business owners who are serious about change. They know that so often it just takes ONE step to
create massive momentum
– for more clarity, for more freedom, for healthier habits.

No matter if you desire to work on a 6-month blueprint with actionable steps to achieve your next big goal, or if you are looking for help to detangle & reset you current business structure … with this session we get it all done.

TIME Alchemy

to take the the first step towards massive momentum. 

This 60minute consultation is so much more than what you may be used to from previous experiences. During the session we do an assessment of you current challenge, go into different solutions that can be a fit and will start to implement the one that YOU choose.

As with all, change takes time so depending on the challenge you come to me for, we either get it fully sorted (like creating an action-blueprint for your next big goal that you can follow) or we set the wheels in motion with the strategy and plans so you can run with it and make change happen!
Book your session in 3 simple steps:



Make the decision to book a session today – take the first step, for yourself to create massive momentum.  The first step in this process is to make your investment.



The next step is to choose a time for your session – you’ll be forwarded to my calendar. Please fill in a quick form & book in your session at the best suitable time.



The most important step is: Show Up. Come prepared if you can (bring questions, a specific outcome you desire etc.) – and let’s get the momentum going!

Investment: US$700 | 60 min.

Chris Wright

“Every piece of advice I’ve received has been right on the money”

Running your own business isn’t easy. There are always a bazillion things trying to stop you from being successful (like, hiring risks… productivity killers… and at times, your own headspace.)

When I face one of these, I bring them to Monique. I’m yet to ever have her “stumped”.

She’s regarded as the best high-performance coach for good reason. Every piece of advice I’ve received has been right on the money…

so yeah, I recommend getting as close to Monique as you can.

(Conversion Partners)

Colin Scotland

“She has a way of really seeing deep into you as a human being”

I went into the Momentum session for help with clarity on vision goals and to get in what I do as a marketing coach to the next level because whether we realize it or not, we all have limits and ceilings and walls that close in.

… And Monique is truly gifted in how she does that. She has a way of really seeing deep into you as a human being and just calling you out on what’s actually holding you back.

I was bombarded with so much value in the session. It was it was Outstanding, outstanding.

Colin Scotland

(Marketing Coach)


I have been always on this path (since I was a child, due to my story), without knowing for a long time that this is what I am here to do on this earth – it’s my life force, my life’s work and my legacy: 
I am here to break systems that keep holding us down and force us to play small in how we work and design our lives. 

Instead, I am creating structures that bring freedom, that crush the glass ceilings, and that empower you to live full force. 

There are so many dysfunctioning systems out there, and while I support dismantling all of these – I personally focus on the ones that are limiting us in our time, how work, and what our lifestyles look like.


Booking a consultation session can feel uncomfortable – especially if you may not know the expert you’ll be talking to yet. I get it. My goal is to provide the most value for you, based on why you are booking this session. I have been working on my knowledge & skills in my industry for more than 20+ years, which gives me the freedom to help people with a variety of challenges, at any given time.

It’s important to know, that I only work with clients who align with my core values, which I hold in high integrity. My clients are 100% ready to get uncomfortable, putting in the work (I am not talking more/harder/faster etc. – I am talking ‘the’ work, as in the one that will move the needle) and trust the process & my wisdom along the way.

When you are ready to take the first step so we can create massive momentum,

Investment: US$700 | 60 min.


Asked Questions

These questions come up frequently for people who are interested in a Momentum Session, so before you apply or get in contact with questions, read through these to get more clarity: 

What can we achieve in this 60 min. session?

That depends a bit on what challenge / question you bring to the table during that session. If you come for a goal-setting session, then we will talk about your 1 year goal (often we look at 6 months for the planning process), make sure it really is *your* goal, then we will create an outline of what it will look like to achieve it, break it down into milestones and create a tangible action plan for 3 months (planning longer does not make sense, as life changes way too often to plan further ahead). If you come to me eg. with a business structure challenge, we will look at the current problem, find gaps and bottle necks and create a solution that suits you (and possibly your team) best. These are common examples of challenges people come to me for


Currently you can only book one session at a time as the system is connected with my calendar that immediately after payment let’s you book in your time for the session. You can then go ahead and repeat the process if you’d like to book more sessions. 

For ongoing support I do recommend to look into one of my longer term programs either The T.I.M.E. Method® or T.I.M.E. Alchemy. These programs are designed for longterm support and will help you to progress much faster. 

Should you need only 2 or 3 sessions feel free to book these immediately after each other so you can choose your favorite time to speak with me. 


No. The Momentum Session includes a 60 min zoom call with me, where we dive deep into your challenges and/or question at hand. Should there be any resources, recommendations or else I am making and offering you to send, I will do so in a follow-up email. This is optional and depending on our topic and progress during the session. 


You are not investing in 60minutes but in 20+ years of work experience, knowledge, skills & 2 university degrees that you have access to in this session. It is also an investment of special abilities and access to neurodiversity that other experts may not be able to give you access to. I am on the autism spectrum and have had many clients with ADHD successfully integrate their previous challenges with it, and I have developed a variety of methods, tools & techniques to help many different people from all walks of life to create the best way of work for them. Besides that you have access to someone who has lived a life full of chaos & miracles, traveled to 45+ countries solo and who has a unique perspective, that I am happy to share with you.

$700 in fact is a wonderful way to get to know my work & my world to see if this can be a longterm fit for you, too.