Morning Routine Checklist for Busy Entrepreneurs

A lot of people are too lazy to think of a “Morning Routine Checklist” with the activities to complete before starting the day, but let’s be honest… Your morning makes your day. And, what is the first thing you do when you wake up? Probably you check your phone, emails and social media. Trust me, this can literally hinder you to be any productive at all. Keep reading to know why it is important to have a Morning Routine and get access to my Morning Routine Checklist to start your day with the right mentality.


Why it is important to have a Morning Routine

The first hours in the morning are the most important ones as our bodies are refreshed (hopefully) and our brain reset from our night’s sleep.

The most successful business owners & entrepreneurs in this world have this one thing in common:

A morning routine.

It is scientifically proven that our brain works based on patterns & repetitive behaviour which helps to create specific results.

No matter what outcome you seek, the best part about a morning routine is, it sets you up for success.

Once integrated into your day, it will shift your energy and set your mind up for a powerful day.


morning routine checklist

Building your Morning Routine

The morning routine should engage you on all levels: your body, your mind, your soul and your heart.

  • Move your body! Work out. Run. Do Yoga. Martial Arts, Dance or do Parkour. Whatever it is you like doing – move!
  • Work your mind! Learn something new. Listen to a podcast. Take a course. Read. 20 minutes are already sufficient to become 1% better each day.
  • Feed your mind! May it be meditation or just sitting with your thoughts. Taking a walk with yourself only or just be quiet for a while. Whatever your soul needs, do that.
  • Touch your soul! Think about the emotions you felt the day before. What triggered them? How exactly did they feel like? Have you had them before? Where will they lead you? Write it in a notebook/journal or record it so you can get it off your chest.
I also love to integrate 90 minutes  of undistracted work.
After my morning routine, I still haven’t checked my phone or any device, I sit down and work 90 minutes straight without any distraction and with the most important task of the day that needs to be done.

morning routine checklist

Your Morning Routine Checklist

To make the most out of your morning routine, here are the 5 tools to integrate when building your own morning ritual:

1| Physical Activity

2| Mental Training

3| Spiritual Practise

4| Emotional Exercise

5| Habit Stacking

Even though you can build your very own morning routine, the above are certain practices that make it ‘efficient’ or as powerful as it can be. These 5 different practices will be explained in details in my Morning Routine Checklist.

The intention for this guide is for you to get the information needed to know what the ingredients to a ‘perfect’ morning routine are and how you can design your very personal version of it, for the desired outcome.

On this Morning Routine Checklist, there are no rules, no time limits or other restrictions. I have simply added suggestions as well as the most powerful tools to create a morning routine with. Make it yours!

Download the Guide to a Perfect Morning Routine here below:


Morning Routine Checklist for Busy Entrepreneurs
Morning Routine Checklist for Busy Entrepreneurs


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‘Guide to a Perfect Morning Routine’
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