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Everything in our life works in patterns. From the way our atoms create our body and all of our powerful systems that keeps our body alive, to our brain that creates neural pathways through repetition and functions based on routines it has deemed as efficient to run daily operations or how nature cycles through the same seasons every year. 

You can look wherever you want, you will always see the world working in patterns. Fractals, cycles, routines, habits, structures and systems that have been created to help run life efficiently. 

What if the patterns you run on are the ones holding you back?  When living life, doing business & engaging with other people, we often don’t realise what patterns we run on – whether it’s our beliefs, thoughts, behaviours or reactions – they all follow the pattern you have learned or been ‘programmed’ to run on as a child. 

But these patterns don’t have to run our lives & businesses. A lot of people belief that once you have certain character traits, do things a certain way or belief a certain thing – you can’t change it. As if it was imprinted into your soul. “How you do one thing, is how you do everything” they say. The good news though is: this is not true. As patterns are created, patterns can be interrupted and restructured.  

We can change our patterns – when we do, we change our lives. A lot people in the personal development, business and spiritual industries help with a lot of different approaches, to help you change your life. They help you change your thoughts, or beliefs, they help with business strategies & growth hacking. And this is all valid. But to keep all the changes without forcing them into being, we need to address the root cause: the underlying patterns. Why we do what we do, how we think, what we react to and where we are moving towards. 

With changing our patterns, we change how we use our time and what we create with it in each moment of our lives & businesses – and with changing how we use our time, we unlock our pure power, making our full potential possible. 

*Power= the ability and/or capacity to USE YOUR TIME TO do something effectively





For my whole life I felt different, like an alien dropped off on the wrong planet. 
I never really resonated with any of the boxes people tried to push me in. Instead, I always dance outside of any box, I crossed lines and I was “too much” in every sense or form. 

I am Logic and Highly intuitive. Rational and Creative in my own ways. I talk a lot and I can be in silence for days.

I hear the world in patterns, structures and shapes – yet I feel in colors. 

I love working closely with people – but being around too many people for too long is draining and exhausting me. 


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Design life on my terms

A 90-minute session for you to get clarity on where you want to go, how you can get there & what it takes to do so – receive a roadmap of clear & simple action steps, personal habits to implement & patterns to change for you to create momentum in your life.

Habit Stacking



A 6-month 1:1 program for the high achievers who know it’s time for a massive life shift – but may be stuck in fear.  Create more time, energy & space for You & level up into the new life. More passion & fulfillment – less burnout.  More connection & impact – less stress.

how to master your energy


Growth & Wellbeing

A 12-month 1:Team program for the leaders + teams who know it’s not enough to have a mutual mission. Value-based team culture, systems & structures that support growth AND well-being are the future of work. This is for courageous, impactful leaders.

Personal Power

(Copy Accelerator)

“It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life & career in a long time”

I hired Monique Lindner as a coach about two years ago. We worked together for about 6 months and she made a huge impact on me and my success.

Specifically, Monique really helped me to understand that I don’t need to work 12 hours a day to get a ton done. I went from working 12 hours to working 5-6 hours most days…

While taking the weekends off…

Yet thanks to Monique I found I was accomplishing 2-3x as much each week as before I began working with her… And I felt significantly calmer and more relaxed too.

Monique’s time management skills are next level (I still use them today).

She helped me to identify the places where I was wasting energy without any kind of ROI (mental, spiritual, financial, emotional, etc). The woman just helped me a TON.

When was the last time you STEPPED INTO YOUR FULL POWER?

When I woke up after a 25-second clinical death due to a cardiac arrest by age 19, my very first thought was “Why have I tried everything to live up to everyone else expectations – but mine?!”

During my out-of-body experience, I was confronted with all of the moments I gave my power away to other people and circumstances because I wanted to “be accepted”, “fit in” and “do it right” – instead of living my life fully.

Dying brought me back to life – and showed me painfully that I had to start living life true to myself, fully embodying my power, if I ever wanted to achieve my full potential.

Luckily, you don’t have to die to learn this lesson.

Instead, you can take it from me – and if you need an extra kick in your butt, know that the #1 regret of the dying is “they wish they had the courage to live a life true to themselves, not the life others expected of them.” – if that doesn’t get you fired up, I don’t know what does!

To be clear, I am not saying living a life true to yourself & fulfilling your full potential is easy – hahaha. Nope.

But I don’t think ‘easy’ is what you are here for.

I believe what you came here for is:
More Memorable Moments. Peace of Mind.
Living in true Integrity with your Values. Deep Connection.
A Life Lived Fully. And most of all: No regrets.

Knowing, that by the end of life, you won’t die mediocre – but you did everything in your power to be your best self. Extraordinaire, even. 

If so, then you are in the right place.

I am here to help you finally see, acknowledge & step into your full potential. Just like I did and keep doing over and over again (because let’s be honest, it’s a lifelong practice)


It's Me - Monique
Dan Gillespie

Dan Gillespie

“I’ve been amazed at how Monique helped me create more time.”

When I first reached out to Monique, I genuinely didn’t know the scope of what we could achieve together. It wasn’t until our conversations that I discovered we could do an in-depth dive into business systems. I had entered our discussions thinking we’d only focus on coaching and accountability, the good stuff. However, Monique crafted a tailored experience based on my needs and what she observed.

She possesses a vast range of skills, and while Monique might not publicize them all, she has certainly utilized them with me. Looking back at the last 12 months, it’s clear that the foundations and structures we laid down early on were instrumental for our later success. Things like KPIs, team structures, and even company culture, which we set up initially, were executed to perfection in the subsequent months.

One of our biggest wins has been the potential business opportunities and partnerships we’ve evaluated. The integrity of potential partners has been crucial for me, and Monique assisted greatly in helping me assess these opportunities.

Monique’s range of skills? It’s immense. But more than that, it’s the genuine trust she built in me, that enabled me to lean on those skills. Reflecting over the last 12 months, I’m most proud of the team culture we cultivated. With Monique’s guidance, we structured our team, set up KPIs, and instilled a company culture that’s both nurturing and productive.

But, beyond that, I’ve been amazed at how she has helped me create more time. By emphasizing delegation and aligning the right tasks with the right team members, my hours have become more focused, productive, and efficient.

It’s allowed me to delve deeper into our partnerships, ensuring we collaborate with those that resonate with our integrity and vision. I see the path forward clearly now – focusing on our core partners, building on the trust and culture we’ve set, and making the most of our streamlined operations. Monique’s role in this journey has been paramount.

Fuel Up

Who am I to help you achieve your full potEntial? 

Maybe we haven’t met yet or maybe we did but one thing has to be said upfront: the yellow is not a personal brand thing or a “summer trend” (rolls eyes) – no – the yellow is a lifestyle.

Besides my odd color choice, I have a pretty unique story and with it some extraordinary experiences and skills I gained from it.  The short version is that I was born with chronic health issues that put me in excruciating pain from the day I was born. At age 19 I died of a cardiac arrest and was clinically dead for 25 seconds. 

I turned my life around, started traveling solo, left my hometown ( & country!), and have so far traveled to 45+ countries and lived & worked in 9 of them while building a location-independent business. 

In between all of that I also:
* was a semi-professional ballerina for 11 years
* worked successfully as one of the youngest team- & project manager in corporate Germany (for Siemens Enterprise Networks & Apple)
* Got professionally certified in Team Leadership & Supervision, as well as Coaching  
* I doubled down on work – and burnt out.
* Went through my fair share of Trauma, abuse, and all sorts of hardship – and by age 33ish I found out I am autistic (and lived life as a perfectly masked pretend-neurotypical until then)

That’s all to say: my work stems not only from my two university degrees, many certifications, years of intense work experience, and mastery – but also from invaluable (and rare) life experiences, lessons, and pain turned into power. And now I am here helping you (and many others) do the same. 


High-Achievers who worked with me experienced on average: 









MEDia, Speaking &
Podcast FEATUREs

My life-long vision is to help I feel honoured to have been invited to speak at stages (small and big) as well as summits and conferences (online and offline) to share my message and mission with the world:

My mission is to redefine work by creating a human-centred work-culture that encourages mindfulness, celebrates uniqueness, and creates sustainable growth for everyone involved.

I do so by integrating strategies, tools and methods based on  neuroscience & mindfulness for entrepreneurs, founders and their teams who want to have more time for what truly matters, while driving their own business mission forward, and growing sustainably.

With this mission I have been featured on stages such as a TEDx, with my book ‘The T.I.M.E. Method’ in Forbes and many other Media outlets as well as on podcasts like Real Stories Behind Success

Personal Power
It's Me - Monique



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Personal Power
Personal Power

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Time Alchemy is the art of working on your own terms, living life full force (with joy & fulfillment & without the burnout) and stepping into your full potential (no matter what this means for you).I’ll be sending you questions to ponder, journal prompts, tools & methods to implement weekly-ish & offers to work with me.



My vision is to help high-achievers align with their truth and live life fully. 

 I believe that only when we all are living our truth and working towards fulfilling our full potential,
can we create a society that 

My mission is to redefine work by creating a human-centered work culture that
encourages mindfulness, celebrates uniqueness, and creates sustainable growth for everyone involved.

As a former workaholic project & team manager turned holistic performance & leadership integrator ~
I help 6-8 figure CEOs & Founders cultivate healthy teams & sustainable business growth
by integrating The T.I.M.E. Method into their lives & businesses. 


Personal Power
Personal Power


Find your true Core Values 

Download this step-to-step guide to finding your true core values if you are ready to live an intentional life, grow a business that fulfills you and build a loyal, healthy high-performing team.

Personal Power


Maximize your Energy

Ready to claim back your energy? Learn about what your Chrono-Energy Type is. Discover how it will help you to maximise your energy and quality outcomes while minimising your input.

Personal Power


Perfect Morning  Routine

Create your own morning routine in 5 steps following this free guide. Stop starting out your day frustrated, stressed & overwhelmed – and start creating your day with more energy focus & inner peace.

Chris Wright

“Every piece of advice I’ve received has been right on the money”

Running your own business isn’t easy. There are always a bazillion things trying to stop you from being successful (like, hiring risks… productivity killers… and at times, your own headspace.)

When I face one of these, I bring them to Monique. I’m yet to ever have her “stumped”.

She’s regarded as the best high-performance coach for good reason. Every piece of advice I’ve received has been right on the money…

so yeah, I recommend getting as close to Monique as you can.


Colin Scotland

“She has a way of really seeing deep into you as a human being”

I went into the big move session for help with clarity on vision goals and to get in what I do as a marketing coach to the next level because whether we realize it or not, we all have limits and ceilings and walls that close in.

… And Monique is truly gifted in how she does that. She has a way of really seeing deep into you as a human being and just calling you out on what’s actually holding you back.

I was bombarded with so much value in the session. It was it was Outstanding, outstanding.

Colin Scotland

(Spiritual Marketing Coach)

Time Alchemy is for everyone 
I am here to speak at your event & share my wisdom on your podcast!

Planning an event, summit or podcast interview and you want your people to know there is another way than the hustle & grind? I am here to share all about Time Alchemy, how to bring it into your life and business, and unfold the magic that this new way of being brings into our world. 

Send me a message today & let’s chat about how we can collaborate.