If you still wonder what Time Alchemy is, and what it can do for you, read on. In the next few paragraphs, I will show you why
Time Alchemy is for you (or maybe not?!) and how we can start to work together!


“MOMENTUM: The force or energy EXPRESSED by a moving body”

All it takes to create momentum is to take ONE single step.
One step towards a blueprint with actionable weekly steps for you to follow.
One step to more clarity, focus and energy.
One step to get out of the funk and into upwards momentum. 
(- and no I am not talking about the ‘one funnel to success’ kinda things)

This is what happens with my consultation sessions: 
It often is all it takes to create massive momentum.
Let’s take this step together.

1:1 Program – 6 Months


A unique and powerful framework for achieving time freedom without sacrificing the truth of who you are, how you want to show up in your work & how you desire to live your life.

The framework helps you build rock-solid foundations 
based on the 4 pillars: Time Management, Impactful Leadership, Mindset Mastery & Energy Efficiency

The TIME Method
TIME Alchemy

1:1 Program – 12 months


A unique and powerful 7 step process, based on traditional alchemy, that will take you from overwhelmed, busy,
and not moving the needle to

rock-solid foundations, a loyal and motivated team, and sustainable business growth in 12 months
(yes, because change and sustainability take time).



A unique and powerful membership for (way too) busy entrepreneurs & business owners who are
ready to leave the hustle & grind behind
– and step into a new reality of work-life integration!

Join other entrepreneurs & business owners on the
road to fulfillment, sustainable business growth
and living life on their own terms

Team Alchemy
Chris Wright

“Every piece of advice I’ve received has been right on the money”

Running your own business isn’t easy. There are always a bazillion things trying to stop you from being successful (like, hiring risks… productivity killers… and at times, your own headspace.)

When I face one of these, I bring them to Monique. I’m yet to ever have her “stumped”.

She’s regarded as the best high-performance coach for good reason. Every piece of advice I’ve received has been right on the money…

so yeah, I recommend getting as close to Monique as you can.

(Conversion Partners)

Colin Scotland

“She has a way of really seeing deep into you as a human being”

I went into the big move session for help with clarity on vision goals and to get in what I do as a marketing coach to the next level because whether we realize it or not, we all have limits and ceilings and walls that close in.

… And Monique is truly gifted in how she does that. She has a way of really seeing deep into you as a human being and just calling you out on what’s actually holding you back.

I was bombarded with so much value in the session. It was it was Outstanding, outstanding.

Colin Scotland

(Marketing Coach)


I have been always on this path (since I was a child, due to my story), without knowing for a long time that this is what I am here to do on this earth – it’s my life force, my life’s work and my legacy: 
I am here to break systems that keep holding us down and force us to play small in how we work and design our lives. 

Instead, I am creating structures that bring freedom, that crush the glass ceilings, and that empower you to live full force. 

There are so many dysfunctioning systems out there, and while I support dismantling all of these – I personally focus on the ones that are limiting us in our time, how work, and what our lifestyles look like.

Time Alchemy is for everyone 
I am here to speak at your event & share my wisdom on your podcast!

Planning an event, summit or podcast interview and you want your people to know there is another way than the hustle & grind? I am here to share all about Time Alchemy, how to bring it into your life and business, and unfold the magic that this new way of being brings into our world. 

Send me a message today & let’s chat about how we can collaborate.