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The T.I.M.E. Method Explained

On this podcast episode, Monique was interviewed by Mads Singers (Management Coach and Podcaster). Monique explained the framework she uses to get amazing and valuable results for her clients: The T.I.M.E. Method.

You can play the episode here below or if you prefer, you can go ahead and read this article.

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The T.I.M.E Method

My Name is Monique, I am a high-performance and human optimization specialist, these are just fancy words for me helping entrepreneurs and business owners to slow down in order to speed up. I help them to take time out of their business that they probably waste doing tasks that they don’t even have to do, and we use this time to give it back to their life to enjoy the things they like to do.

My secret sauce is called The T.I.M.E. Method,  a framework that I developed over the last 15 years with my work and life experience. 

T.I.M.E. stands for 4 areas that I believe that any high-achieving business leader needs to improve themselves and to achieve a work-life state. I don’t really believe in balance, I don’t think we as human beings can achieve it.

T.I.M.E. is an abbreviation for Time Management, Impactful Leadership, Mindset Mastery, and Energy Efficiency.


The way I work with my clients is, I usually start to improve priority focus and clarity in all areas when it comes to the business and in their lives, preferably by looking at their schedule.

I look at a list of about 100 tasks and we are able to cut it down to 10%, because, let’s be real, if we would be just able to focus on the bare minimum, our outcomes would be maximized. This is physics, and it is a law by nature, we just need to apply it to ourselves. 

Then I go really deep into optimizing their schedule, and their planning, using hacks like Pomodoro and other methods.

I have clients with ADHD and we have different methods of how they can use time management better for themselves.


There is a huge difference between being a leader and being a manager.

I start with the leadership part because, for me, leadership comes from the inside out.

The way how you show up is the way how you carry yourself. Also, the way how you don’t show up.

It is not how you want to be but how you actually are. Your true character and your thoughts and behavioral patterns.

For instance, how do you show up in times of crisis? How do you behave with people when you are rich? We look at all this.


There is the Mind Hacking part, which to me sounds better than Mindset.

If you do the mindset work, you have paid already half of the rent for your business and your life.

Most of the time, fear and resistance come up with my work, because it is so counterintuitive with all the things that society teaches us, and it does not feel right, we don’t feel to be used to them, or it does not make sense at first. But it is actually based on neuroscience, human nature, and human behavior. 


Energy Efficiency is one part of this framework that I still learn a lot about, and how to apply it to myself.

I start with habits and routines, and then I move to how energy shows up, how you can feel. It sounds “woo” but it is really metaphysics.

the T.I.M.E. Method

The types of Clients I work with

All of my clients have something in common: they know how to make money.

From the outside, they are quite successful. they are entrepreneurs or business owners. They make half a million or a million per year. Most of them have two or three businesses and one of them is the most successful one.

All of my clients so far have been men, except for one. I think this is mainly because there is still a shift happening in how many women are entrepreneurs but also because of what I am talking about and how I present the topics. It resonates more with men.

Women are often more aware of their energies and how they need to take care of themselves.

Men often push too hard, and at some point, they wonder why nothing works anymore. They don’t really know how they ended up where they ended up. I speak from a place where they are kind of moving towards. 

Most of my clients range the age from 30 to mid-40s.

They are always busy. Sometimes they don’t see their partners, because they don’t have time. If they have time, they have their phones and they are available for work all the time even at dinner.

I have 2 different types of clients:

One type come to me because they work so hard, they keep pushing forward, and they feel this is going to end up in a disaster. With my guidance, they want to be more efficient, be able to manage their time, and get out of the rat race they created for themselves.

The other type of clients are men that have a lot of money and they want to create a legacy, leave a big impact, and see how far they can go. But because there is no financial pressure behind it, they lack the financial motivation to work on it, so they come to me and ask for my German work ethic to help them achieve their goals. 

It really surprises me how chaotic my clients are, and still how they can be so successful. 


The T.I.M.e Method

Energy Efficiency applied to my life

One thing I still struggle with in my life is the advanced version of Energy Efficiency.

I’ve done a lot of mind hacking or inner work in the past decade, but the work I have been doing in the past year and a half has been pulling me from being a regular forest walker to an ultramarathon runner in my mind.

So what I figured out is that I truly have to manage my energy at a different level than I used to.

For 28 years I thought I was an extrovert, and that is how I behaved. It sucked the energy out of me. I was going to social events and plenty of parties. I would have a lot of jobs, always jobs or freelancing on the side.

Starting this journey of this personal inner work showed me that this was a way of coping with different things that happened very early in my life. And I realized that I’m actually NOT so extroverted.

I am now also aware that if I get into the wrong place of this energy, this has physical consequences in form of nerve pains that I could not control

This is what I am consistently still learning now, how to efficiently and effectively manage the energies around me, without letting them in.

One book I strongly recommend

If I have to recommend one book is The Laws of Human Nature, by Robert Greene. This book is very powerful to understand human behavior, behavioral patterns, and the way how human interaction works.



The T.I.M.E. Method Explained
The T.I.M.E. Method Explained

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