A unique and powerful membership for (way too) busy entrepreneurs & business owners who are
ready to leave the hustle & grind behind
– and step into a new reality of work-life integration!

Join other entrepreneurs & business owners on the
road to fulfillment, sustainable business growth
and living life on their own terms.

TIME Alchemy Kollektiv

a new way of working, and designing a life on your terms 

That’s what alchemy does: it breaks down the old, dissects it, resembles what was helpful and worked well to something new and better & leaves the rest behind. That (and more) is what we do in our Time. Alchemy Kollektiv and what you’ll learn with a new focus topic each and every month. Sounds interesting?
I promise we ain’t get bored. 

This is our 4-step process to help you implement each monthly focus topic:

TIME Alchemy Kollektiv


Every month starts with a live workshop.

I teach & share about the monthly topic (see examples of previous topics below) so we can learn new skills, knowledge, and how it relates to your life & business.

Recordings are available within 48hrs.

TIME Alchemy Kollektiv


During the Co-Working office hour, we will work together on implementing the relevant changes in your business and life that you learned about in the previous week.

If those are not relevant we suggest you bring your most important task for the week and get it done with support.


Our membership is an ongoing experience for entrepreneurs & business owners, who want to leave the hustle & grind behind.

We suggest signing up for a minimum of 3 months to see tangible results in your life & business. To have an idea of what topics we are implementing each month in the Time Alchemy Kollektiv, we have planned out all of the 2023 focus topics for you (except one or two, which will be open for members choice!). 

So here is our 2023 focus topic calendar, just for you: 


TIME Alchemy Kollektiv
TIME Alchemy Kollektiv


The Group Coaching call is the place for you to ask any questions, no matter what.

Bring your challenges & questions to the table and let Monique (and the community) support you on your journey.

The recording is available within 48hrs.

TIME Alchemy Kollektiv


In our monthly planning session, we will reflect on your last month’s goals, wins & lessons. We’ll celebrate you (and with you) for your achievements & support you. in your challenges.

We will set new goals for the next month and create your priorities as well as action steps to achieve them

“So very grateful to Monique for actually being brave enough to step up and say that to me”

“It’s quite a recurring theme in the marketing business and a lot of people have trouble with procrastination, issues with focus, hopping from one thing to another, shiny object syndrome. Monique is somebody who helps others with that. Monique helped me do a lot of things (…)

I found myself sleeping better. being more mindful about eating and particularly about alcohol and with her encouragement I took a break from alcohol and I haven’t had any alcohol in about 40 days now. (…) 

So very grateful to Monique for actually being brave enough to step up and say that to me. (…) If you get the opportunity to work with Monique, I highly recommend it. She’s a wonderful person.”


T.i.m.e. Alchemy KOLLEKTIV: Your Place to be

Whether you join monthly, quarterly or yearly – this is a place to align with your values and design the life of your wildest dreams. As a Kollektiv (German for collective) we are here to support you,
keep you accountable & hold you to your standards.

My clients are 100% ready to get uncomfortable, putting in the work (I am not talking more/harder/faster etc. – I am talking ‘the’ work, as in the one that will move the needle) and trust the process & my wisdom along the way.

When you are ready for lasting, transformational change,
the T.I.M.E. Alchemy Kollektiv may be your place to be:


Wonder what it looks like to join that #TAK? I have recorded this behind-the-scenes video for you, to give you an exclusive preview of the inside of our membership and what you will find there. Watch this 7 minute & 46s walk-through video to get a feel for the #TAK 


Asked Questions

These questions come up frequently for people who are interested in The T.I.M.E. Alchemy Kollektiv, so before you apply or get in contact with questions, read through these to get more clarity: 

I want to join the T.I.M.E. Alchemy Kollektiv: is it for me?

Let’s see: Do you feel overwhelmed, often stressed, overthink a lot, and wish you had twice 24 hours in a day?
Do you wish you could live your life more on your own terms – and grow your business just like that?
And are you also looking to create a massive impact with the work you do?

Then The T.I.M.E. Alchemy Kollektiv is absolutely for you! 

Can I upgrade from monthly to Yearly plan after I joined?

Yes. You can log into your membership account & upgrade your membership there or message us and we’ll help you out.

Can I cancel my membership?

Absolutely. If you are on a monthly plan, please notify us via e-mail or cancel online 15 days before your next payment is due.

For yearly memberships, you can cancel 15 days before the renewal of the membership at the end of the year.

Before you do cancel: We suggest giving the membership at least 3 months so you to get the most out of it and get “into the groove”. 


See, it’s with everything in life: You get out what you put in.

So if you just pay and never actually show up or watch any of the workshops, then there may not be many benefits for you.

Yet, you will always have a great community to have your back. And that’s worth a lot by itself.

Do I get access to all previous topics, even if I join later?

Yes! You will get access to all the recordings and any material that has been released so far. 

Can I ask individual questions on the group calls?

Absolutely. We’d LOVE you to do so!

That’s why we created them. It’s best to send your questions in before the call through the membership portal, but no issue at all to ask ad hoc. 

What other topics have been the focus in #TAK yet?

Even though we live in the here & now, and I love teaching more about looking forward (instead of into the past), I understand that many people love to know what else they get access to when joining the #TAK.

We have been running since June 2021, which means there have been quite a few focus topics we have been working through so far, all of which the workshops & resources are available as recordings to new members as well. 

Here are some of the ‘best of’ past focus topics (still accessible for all new members to join) we have worked through & integrated: 

  • Systems That Suit Your Life | How to assess, create & set up systems that suit You
  • Big Vision – Step by Step | How to create a vision for your life & business
  • The pursuit of fulfillment | How we can find joy & fulfillment in life & business
  • Here & Now | How to live & work in the present moment
  • Boundaries B*tch | Expectation & Boundary setting for more Freedom
  • Delegation Over Desperation | The How, When & What of Delegation
  • How to get more done in less time based on your Chrono-Energy Types (Bonus Masterclass)
  • Modern Leadership – Step into your Purpose

  • Sustainable Team Building – How to hire & create a loyal and supportive team culture

    … and more


I have been always on this path (since I was a child, due to my story), without knowing for a long time that this is what I am here to do on this earth – it’s my life force, my life’s work and my legacy: 
I am here to break systems that keep holding us down and force us to play small in how we work and design our lives. 

Instead, I am creating structures that bring freedom, that crush the glass ceilings, and that empower you to live full force. 

There are so many dysfunctional systems out there, and while I support dismantling all of these – I personally focus on the ones that are limiting us in our time, how work, and what our lifestyles look like.