1:1 program 6 months


A unique and powerful framework for achieving time freedom without sacrificing the truth of who you are, how you want to show up in your work & how you desire to live your life.

The framework helps you build rock-solid foundations based on the 4 pillars: Time Management, Impactful Leadership, Mindset Mastery & Energy Efficiency. 

The TIME Method
TIME Method

to build rock solid foundations and a base-line that supports all of your needs, desires & let’s you thrive.

Most business owners that keep falling back into unhealthy habits, success or burnout rollercoasters have no strong core values in place and neither an elevated base-line of habits and routines that support them no matter the circumstances. The outcome is that as soon sh!t hits the fan, they fall back onto their minimum accessible habits – and these are usually unhealthy ones. 

The T.I.M.E. Method® is a framework helping you on an individual basis to fill the gaps, build rock solid foundations and then elevate your base-line.


These are the 4 steps leading the way to time freedom:

TIME Method


Our first session is an in-depth assessment of your business & lifestyle including a big audacious goal and an action plan we will create
for our time together.

The T.I.M.E. Method®  process:

  • 1 session at 90 – 120min. 
  • Assess your daily life & business
  • Break down how you work, live &
    do the things you do (and why) 
  • Find patterns, routines, habits and loops (often hidden)
  • Creating our blueprint for the next 6 months
TIME Method

2 Build Foundations

The first 3 months of our work is mainly focused on (re-)building a rock solid foundation, strengthening your core values and setting you up for success.


The T.I.M.E. Method®  process:

  • 11 Weekly Calls at 90 min.
  • Actionable calls including consulting on specific topics, doing the work (vs just reflecting what you say back to you), and creating new action plans
  • Cutting out what doesn’t work
  • Create Core Values & Implement


Midway through The T.I.M.E. Method® process we will take a moment to review & reflect on the first part of the journey and adjust how the second half of the journey will look like.

The review and reflection process is implemented from the very beginning of our work, and it will be an integral part of how we communicate and honing in on the journey ahead.
Radical (but kind) honesty with each other is needed and encouraged in order for us to achieve the best possible outcome for you. 

TIME Method


The second 3 months of our work is focused on elevating your new base-line, implementing new methods & techniques as well as practising the new standard in every day life. 


The T.I.M.E. Method®  process:

  • 11 Weekly Calls at 90 min.
  • Actionable calls including consulting on specific topics, doing the work (vs just reflecting what you say back to you), and creating new action plans
  • Creating a new base-line through a combination of what worked before as well as adding new tools, techniques & methods


    TIME Method

    4 ROUND UP

    During our last call we will pull all the threads together, looking at what we have accomplished,
    how you can amplify what we have put in place for you, and how you can replicate it. This is also a time for us to decide if it would be beneficial to continue our work


    The T.I.M.E. Method®  process:

    • 1 Session at 90 min.
    • Reflection on the last 6 months
    • Answering questions on transformation for awareness and progress evaluation
    • Creating your follow-up blueprint for the next 3 months


    I have been always on this path (since I was a child, due to my story), without knowing for a long time that this is what I am here to do on this earth – it’s my life force, my life’s work and my legacy: 
    I am here to break systems that keep holding us down and force us to play small in how we work and design our lives. 

    Instead, I am creating structures that bring freedom, that crush the glass ceilings, and that empower you to live full force. 

    There are so many dysfunctioning systems out there, and while I support dismantling all of these – I personally focus on the ones that are limiting us in our time, how work, and what our lifestyles look like.

    “It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life/career in a long time”

    “Monique has helped me so much to get organized and be more effective and more efficient while working less, which is really tremendous. When we started working together, I was working pretty routinely, eight to 12 hours a day, including weekends a lot of the time. I think the issue I’ve had that a lot of entrepreneurs have is that I felt like if I wasn’t working, I felt guilty.

    Monique helped me to really prioritize my time and work smarter instead of harder. So I’m really grateful for that. I am now working four to six hours a day. I’m taking weekends off yet I get tremendously more done. And I think that’s what the most important part is

    She’s also helped me to prioritize my most important tasks, and to feel less anxious and stressed.

    I cannot recommend Monique more highly, I’m more organized, I’m calmer and my business is in a better place and it’s all thanks to her.”

    (Copy Accelerator)

    TIME Method


    Many programs, courses or coaching spaces teach you what I call ‘the one-way’ – 
    they focus on one specific way to get their clients to a goal (and sometimes they only know that one way). This is not what The T.I.M.E. Method® is about, it’s the opposite

    This framework is exactly that: a frame we can work within. That means all of what I share with you in the following section, guiding you through the 4 pillars does not mean this must all be worked on. 

    It simply means that those areas under each pillar are the most common ones for business owners & entrepreneurs to fall short on building rock- solid foundations. 

    The T.I.M.E. Method® gives us the structure to know which gaps to fill, what bottlenecks to solve & what foundations to solidify, while it gives us freedom to do it on your own terms

    TIME Method


    Structure creates freedom. Unfortunately most entrepreneurs & business owners have experienced and/or believe the opposite as oftentimes we have tried to fit into the boxes society has labeled for us. Hence they rather “wing it” instead of finding the solution that suits them best.  Time Management is where we create a plan, then find the ideal tools & methods that are actually moving the needle of your business daily (while you work just half* of the hours per week). 


    The T.I.M.E. Method® ingredients:

    • Planning (Yearly, Monthly & Weekly) 
    • Project Management & Organization
    • Scheduling (Flexi-Schedule)
    • Task Management 
    • Prioritizing & Focus (90/10 Rule)
    • Systems & Processes 
    • Business Structure


      TIME Method


      To stand in one’s own truth comes before leading others. That means, having rock-solid core values, implementing these in your life & business and standing up for them. After this, we can move into embodying this in a team environment. What does it look like to hold space for other people and their values? How can we bring people from different cultures & backgrounds together in a team and amplify their strengths? This is our work.


      The T.I.M.E. Method®  ingredients:

      • Core Values
      • Hiring Strategy & Process
      • Team Communication
      • Team Structures & Team Building
      • Creating Team Culture
      • Intuitive Leading
      TIME Method


      Mindset is the red line that connects everything, the glue that holds everything together and the safety net that catches you when sh!t hits the fan. That means it is necessary to continuously work on mindset, to cultivate and grow it, like a plant you nourish and water daily. Especially in times of crisis, your mindset shows what’s really going on for you and how you are able to deal with a set of challenges coming right at you. Want to be prepared? Don’t miss out on mastering your mindset.


      The T.I.M.E. Method®  ingredients:

      • Limiting Beliefs
      • Behavioural Patterns
      • Perspective Shifts
      • Mindhacking
      • Growth Mindset
      • Heal what hurt


        TIME Method


        Our energy is just as much worth as our time is. If you don’t have energy, your time will run through your fingers just like sand you are trying to hold on to. Whether it is your health, people you surround yourself with, habits & routines or the time you spend resting: all of these determine your levels of energy. Society has taught us over the past decades the opposite, and we feel guilty when we don’t work. So we will unlearn to re-learn.


        The T.I.M.E. Method®  ingredients:

        • Habits & Routines 
        • Detoxing (Environments, People, Materials)
        • Boundaries, Standards & Expectations
        • Mindfulness
        • Rest & Sleep Improvement
        • Natural Bio-Hacking
        • Body – Mind – Spirit Connection
        • Practical Spirituality 


        Asked Questions

        These questions come up frequently for people who are interested in The T.I.M.E. Method®, so before you apply or get in contact with questions, read through these to get more clarity: 

        6 months is quite a commitment. Why is this program so long?

        That’s right – it takes commitment to create change! For the first 3 months, we will be working on the foundations to balance out the 2 pillars that usually lack attention in your world. Once we have a strong foundation built from the ground level, we will work on elevating your base-line.

        It takes 6 months to go through the process step by step and make sure we implement the new tools and methods in a rock-solid way and create new patterns & habits for your new lifestyle (which studies have shown can take anywhere between 18 – 254 days).

        Do I have to pay upfront or can I pay monthly?

        I believe in equity and am doing my best to implement this in my business wherever possible. This program is pay-in-full for those who have the resources, and monthly for those who prefer to do so. There is no difference in pricing. 


        The T.I.M.E. Method® is a registered framework I have developed over the course of 10+ years. A lot of studies, work and life experience, knowledge and skills as well as trial & error went into developing this framework (which I have written a book about, too) – and the improvement never ends. The implementation of this framework is transformational, even life-changing.

        For the 6 month program the investment is (USD) $4,500 per month

        Since January 2022 this particular program runs on an equity based pricing model* that supports the values of this business
        & myself. That means we strive to provide access for entrepreneurs and business owners at different stages of their journey and from all different backgrounds & walks of life. Please book a call, so we can talk about the best solution for you. 

        *Disclaimer: Even though this is an equity based model, it still does not provide access for entrepreneurs from all financial backgrounds, and I understand that. That is not possible with this service at this time.

        My intention is to make this program more accessible for Leaders, Business Owners, CEOs & Entrepreneurs running different-sized companies at different stages of their business journey. 


        As we will spend a significant amount of time together during this program, it is important to me that our values align. I work with people who strive to be anti-racist, who value people over profit, and who are doing good in this world

        I personally value truth, energy, experience & impact. 

        The application is a zoom call with me that we will use to get to know each other and to find the most pressing issue, gaps & bottlenecks. I will share the first step for you to take in order to create change that you can implement within the next 30 days. It is helpful for both of us to see if we align in values, vision & way of working so we can both make an empowered decision whether we’d love to work together. 

        “The impact it has had in my life has been huge. It’s been very profound.”

        “I was definitely working too much. I wasn’t spending time with my kids and when I was, I was stressed and anxious about stuff that I should be doing. And I’ve been stuck in this pattern for years of just working all the time and not being able to focus. (…)

        I made big improvements in mood and energy as well as being able to better manage my work & my workload as well. So things are more organized and less hectic. And I know what I’m doing each day and each week I know what to do and when it’s due. So that’s probably been one of some of the biggest things. Setting realistic deadlines for clients as well. Standing up for myself as well like not taking sh*t from clients as much. That’s been a big thing. There are lots of things you notice, the improvement in mood and energy and work-life balance means having a better relationship, better time with kids, and less stress.


        Working together for 6 months is the first conscious decision to be made on the journey to your next level. 
        I only work with clients who align with my core values, which I hold in high integrity.

        My clients are 100% ready to get uncomfortable, putting in the work (I am not talking more/harder/faster etc. – I am talking ‘the’ work, as in the one that will move the needle) and trust the process & my wisdom along the way.

        When you are ready for lasting, transformational change,
        The T.I.M.E. Method® may be your way forward: