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What does being a courageous woman really mean?

Being a courageous woman. Courage. Being brave. So many people want it. So many people are chasing it. And so many people are missing it, no matter what they do.

Why people think I am a courageous woman

For the better part of my life, I am being told how much of a courageous woman people think I am.

There are many reasons they are sharing with me when they tell me why they consider me a courageous woman:


  • Conquering such extreme amounts and intense experiences over a long time (years) of excruciating physical pain and yet keeping such an enthusiastic attitude about life.
  • Surviving a cardiac arrest and 25-sec clinical death by the age of 19 and using this as an accelerator to change my life.
  • Traveling solo since age 19 (after the cardiac arrest) to 45 countries and fulfilling dreams of my bucketing left and right.
  • Climbing mountains up to 5200m no matter my health conditions
  • Being robbed of all my money and credit cards – and starting my business despite of it.
  • Swimming with caymans (up to 6m long) and piranhas in the rivers of the Amazon of Bolivia to find freshwater dolphins without being afraid.
  • Moving my life to countries I had never been to before – solo – and having “Change” as the number one constant in my life.
  • Working as a woman in male-dominated industries for all my life – and making waves.
courageous woman

What I believe makes me a courageous woman

Every time people tell me about these things mentioned above, I am smiling. I know why people believe that THESE are the things that make me a courageous woman because most people on this planet don’t dare to live life like that is…

  • In constant uncertainty.
  • With health conditions that are unpredictable in new environments.
  • As a woman traveling solo.

And so on…

But this is not what actually makes me a courageous woman.

What does, is the process it took and still takes for me to get to the point to do all of these things.

It’s all of the fears I have and work through. It’s the mind chatter trying to hit me hard, that I successfully debunk each and every time. It’s the self-care that is important yet often I just don’t feel like doing it.

courageous woman

What does being a real courageous woman look like to me?

  • Often being in constant excruciating pain and not letting the body decide what I do, but my mind, heart & soul. This takes enormous strength and hence courage.
  • Having experienced different incidents of sexual violence and not taking this “as a sign” I should stay home, belong in the kitchen or I am unsafe in this world. But doing my part to heal, and creating a safe world for myself.
  • Making decisions from the heart & soul every single time, no matter how hard, no matter if that means I have to leave a place, people, or projects behind, not because I don’t love them anymore but because my heart & soul need expansion, need growth, need light and are telling me how and where to find it. Setting up my boundaries and core values and sticking to them.
  • Having hard conversations even though my stomach hates them, even though it could mean I lose friends or people I really love because not everyone likes the truth.
  • Speaking my truth, being 100% myself, and shining bright, even when no one else believes in me, what I do, who I am, or where I go. To let go of external validation and be my own biggest cheerleader.
  • To stand up against others in the name of justice, whether that is for myself, for ethnic minorities, victims of sexual trafficking, or any other vulnerable group. I am here to use my voice and more so I am working locally on the ground to make a difference. Sometimes that means a sh*t ton of trouble.
  • Leaving “good” situations to make space for something much more magnificent… for me and other people. Even though it’s breaking my heart.
  • Having been in the darkest darkness, hell, and back and choosing Light every single day, choosing to heal, choosing to look at my darkness, to accept it to love it, to integrate it, and make it a part of me that made me stronger vs a story that’s dragging me down.

And (even though there are many more courageous things I do daily) last but not least:

Feeling it all, while not getting stuck in the midst of it.

That’s why I am a courageous woman. I Am Courage.

And if all of the things above mean that I am courageous, then so can you.

There are a lot of courageous women and men out there, you can be one of them.

I would love to read in the comments below, in which aspects do you consider yourself a courageous person?

What does being a courageous woman really mean?
What does being a courageous woman really mean?

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